2012 gmc terrain oil consumption

Excessive Oil Consumption

I went to the dealership and met with Christen, he was very knowledgeable and helpful. Tried real hard to find the right truck for me but in the end it did not work out. He was respectful and did not hound me.

He actually offered me a great deal unfortunately it was not the truck for me. I would recommend going there. They could give a shit less if they sell a vehicle to you. Treat their customers on the phone very poorly. Matt was the one who helped me he did and amazing job!

Best salesmen ever! When u go there ask for him! GMC does not make a truck with an 8 ft bed and a multifunction tailgate or they would have a sale. Dealer was great in response and accuracy of vehicle.

2010-2012 Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain Oil Consumption Problems

We ultimately didnt purchase the Terrain for other reasons but I would definitely deal with Billy again in the Future. Returned the call immediately. Was very pleasant and knowledgeably about the vehicle. Will say sales person was very nice. My experience at Lexus of Birmingham was delightful. The Esales Agent, James Nelson was quick to answer my questions and to set up a meeting on a very short notice.

I purchased the Porsche. Excellent experience overall from their receptionist, sales staff, business manager, esales agent, and delivery prep team. The internet sales representative responded to my email promptly. I had requested additional information and she delivered.

Our communications has been hassle free. Seem to be a very nice dealership the guy that I told with very professional and his job when I do get some things together I will be calling all this dealership in Birmingham thank y'all so much. Called and spoke to John about the Yukon XL Denali, we went for a test drive, talked some numbers, and I drove home with it.

Nice people, little to no pressure. Really good experience. Very friendly and responsive but a little over priced on the one I like still interested if the price comes down. Tyler was a JOY to work with! Answered all questions we had. I've been very pleased with my Altima thus far. Great car at an even greater price. I'd definitely recommend this dealer to anyone looking. Came in and it was very relaxed there wasn't a rush and i got a good reliable vehicle. They have been very friendly and courteous.

Fair price and friendly service. Would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a new car. Devin was very professional, friendly, welcoming, and patient.The class action alleges defective piston rings are prone to premature wear and excessive engine oil consumption that causes damage to the Ecotec engines. The consolidated class action lawsuit arose from three separate actions: Berman v.

2012 gmc terrain oil consumption

General Motors, Hindsman v. General Motors and Sanchez v. General Motors. According to the lawsuit, the Ecotech engines can burn one quart of oil every 1, miles which causes engine knocking, low oil pressure, fouled spark plugs, damage to the timing chains and eventually engine failures.

The automaker denies the allegations but in the past had created " special coverage adjustments " SCAs for Terrain and Equinox models, then made a design vehicle production change in May According to the GM oil consumption settlement, customers of the affected vehicles which were included in the previous SCAs will be contacted with offers to submit claims for reimbursement for expenses previously incurred.

Those expenses include items such as replacement of piston assemblies for excessive oil consumption and related car rental charges. Customers who didn't take advantage of past SCAs will also receive new claim forms to submit claims for reimbursements.

However, the SCAs will have specific time and mileage limitations that must be met. Time and mileage limitations for vehicles are 10 years ormiles after initial retail sale or lease, whichever comes first, and for and vehicles the limitations are seven years and six months ormiles after initial retail sale or lease, whichever comes first.

GM will issue a new SCA for vehicles that were manufactured prior to the May production change within 30 days of the effective date of the oil consumption settlement. Under this SCA for models, customers may take their vehicles to GM dealerships for free diagnosis, and if diagnosed as currently consuming excessive amounts of oil, the vehicles will receive free piston assembly replacements. The limitations for the SCA are seven years and six months ormiles, whichever comes first.

The settlement also says customers who previously paid out-of-pocket for piston assembly replacements due to excessive oil consumption or other repairs solely required due to excessive oil consumption due to piston ring wear may file claims for reimbursement of expenses. Claim forms will also be mailed to 1, customers who opted out of the settlement, giving those customers the chance to participate in the settlement.

The settlement had been put into a holding pattern when several customers objected to the terms and complained the settlement was unfair or unreasonable because it did not compensate them for all costs related to oil consumption. Owners said the settlement didn't compensate them for " reimbursement for engine repair or replacement, diminution in value at resale, and routine maintenance and repairs such as oil changes.

However, the judge overruled the objectors by finding the SCAs for the vehicles " have always contemplated repair or replacement of engine components that have failed solely as a result of excessive oil consumption due to piston ring wear. Affected Equinox and Terrain customers will receive mailings with details about the settlement.This page is meant to give a broad overview of the most common problems with the GMC Terrain. The Terrain is built on the Theta platformwhich it shares with the Equinox.

Analyzing this data is a great way to determine the most common issues that can happen with your vehicle. The GMC Terrain was available with two engines. They were the direct injected Ecotec 2. For the most part, they were fairly reliable motors. The number engine problem for this model year is aggressive oil consumption in the four-cylinder version. Here are the most common engine problems with the GMC Terrain. Oil Consumption — The reason that the engine causes such a high percentage of problems with the Terrain is oil consumption.

The 4 cylinder version leaks oil really bad. It is a known issue. These cars are out of warranty, for the most part. Most of the time, when taken to the dealer, an entire engine rebuild or replace is how they solve the problem. The problem is that it can stall at speed, which can be dangerous.

Chattering on Startup — One of the most common issues with this model year is a chattering sound when trying to fire up the engine. It sounds rough, and will normally only do it for about 10 to 15 seconds after startup. The Terrain was equipped with six speed automatic transmissions.

They could be manufactured both stateside and in Korea. The 6T45 is a relatively trouble-free transmission. It is considered to be a fill for life transmission. That means that as long as it is operated under normal conditions, it will not require any transmission fluid change.

Many of the problems that occur with this transmission can be attributed to the fact that it is fully controlled by the engines computer. It uses shift solenoids to accomplish this. When one of them goes bad, it can adversely affect the performance of the transmission. Most of the problems that occur with a 6T45 shift solenoid are caused by the coil wire going bad in some way. It can go bad in a couple of ways. The plunger can also get stuck. You can test the solenoids with an OHM meter. You should be looking for ohms of resistance.

If no resistance is found, than you know that the solenoid is bad, and that it is broken. One of the greatest benefits to a fully electronic transmission is all of the great data that they gather and store in the computer. You can use this information to laser pinpoint exactly what part of the transmission may be failing. Here is a great glossary of all 6T45 trouble codes from Transmission Builders Network. The great thing about using the trouble codes to diagnose the problems with your GMC Terrain transmission is that it takes almost all of the guess-work out of it.

Many folks complain a lot about the 6T45 hunting for gears. It just takes a little getting used to. If you feel like it is hunting for gears even more than it was, you may need to have the transmission control module replaced. If you are would like to schedule service for any recall, or confirm that they have been done, contact GMC customer service at:. You may also wish to check out Chevy Equinox Problemssince they share the same platform. There are 3 total recalls on the model year GMC Terrain.GMC Terrain owners have reported 92 problems related to engine burning oil under the engine and engine cooling category.

2012 GMC Terrain Problems

The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of GMC Terrain based on all problems reported for the Terrain. The car has oil consumption issues which is causing it to stall. My car stalled while driving in traffic which could very easily cause a bad accident gm is aware of the issue but won't fix it.

I am already on my second engine do to this excessive oil consumption. See all problems of the GMC Terrain. Vehicle has miles and needs new timing chain due to burning oil. Rough riding, wants to stall at lower speeds, slow downs and stops. Still owe on this vehicle, bought from dealership not even two years ago.

While driving on the highway, in the rear view mirror, I noticed a cloud of smoke. The vehicle then proceeded to lose acceleration, so I pulled over.

Let me note that there was no previous warning light and that the oil was just changed at the end of Dec. Upon pulling over, the car flashed "oil pressure low - stop engine".

The temperature outside was 13 and my two children where in the car; 4 and 2. Not ideal conditions for the car to stop!!!. The car was towed to my home, by my insurance company. Upon examination, it was discovered that a rod went through the engine block. There was oil everywhere!! The next 24 hours we worked on finding a new engine. However, when I arrived home, there was a letter in the mail. Claim number - berman et al v.

The claim stated that gm was to cover all expenses for repairs with a 2. After review, the dealer stated that the piston ring did not cause the rod to break. That the rear main seal went out. In one minute, no warning, the car that I have only had for three years and still owe on, blew!

I purchased my vehicle in Feb ofclearly no idea. I think this is absolute bs that gm is not held accountable to repair all know issues in these vehicles! Stabil-track fault. Rough idle, oil consumption. The list goes on. This is a common thing with these engines and gm has done nothing. This has been going on with this vehicle for awhile. Stay away from gm vehicles they do not stand behind there products, I will be buying a Ford and I will tell everyone I know!.

The contact owns a GMC Terrain. The contact stated that at start up and while driving the check engine warning light illuminated and remained illuminated. The vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic to be diagnosed. The contact was informed that damage oil rings caused severe oil consumption which in turn destroyed the engine and catalytic converter. The vehicle was not repaired.

The manufacturer was not notified of the failure.Chevrolet Equinox SUVs burn through motor oil at an alarming rate causing engine damage and other serious issues, according to a class action lawsuit filed by two vehicle owners. The GMC Terrain oil consumption recall class action lawsuit claims these combined issues create considerable safety concerns both to the vehicle itself and its occupants.

Guach says she brought her Chevrolet Equinox in for a routine oil change in April of this year and was informed by a service technician that the vehicle was consuming oil very quickly. Allegedly, this was determined to be a spark knock causing internal engine damage. The GMC Terrain oil consumption recall class action lawsuit states that Guach has changed her oil every 1, — 1, miles after discovering the oil consumption defect.

The plaintiffs claim that General Motors is well aware that its Chevrolet Equinox vehicles contain this defect but have not issued a recall nor have they informed SUV owners that their vehicles need a repair. The GMC class action settlement was reached in April and resolves three related oil-guzzling lawsuits. General Motors has faced numerous class action lawsuits this year, most notably ones that allege a Chevy Shake transmission defect.

Coleman, Adam A. Edwards and Mark E. Bryson and J. District Court for the Southern District of Florida. Sign up for our free newsletter. Top Class Actions Legal Statement.

Please note: Top Class Actions is not a settlement administrator or law firm. Top Class Actions is a legal news source that reports on class action lawsuits, class action settlements, drug injury lawsuits and product liability lawsuits. Top Class Actions does not process claims and we cannot advise you on the status of any class action settlement claim.

You must contact the settlement administrator or your attorney for any updates regarding your claim status, claim form or questions about when payments are expected to be mailed out.

2012 GMC TERRAIN Technical Service Bulletins

Took it to the dealer for the oil consumption test and it passed. Now I havemiles and it will burn a quart in miles. The car is worthy of the junkyard now…. I have a Equinox and am experiencing the same issue.

I just had my oil changed the beginning of February and checked my oil just over a month later and it was dangerously low and there were no warning lights or anything. Can I still get reimbursed for this issue? I owned GMC terrain and this exact thing happened so I had sold it before more went wrong cause the dealer said nothing was wrong.Jim, the Ask Someone part is a little misleading in my opinion. It really does not connect you with Terrain owners only.

It posted on the CarTalk forum. If you explain why you are asking you will get better replies. If you are thinking of buying a used one the standard reply here is spend about Now others might not agree with me but I say every used vehicle stands on its own. Not all have the same problems and not all have had the same type of care.

For this reason alone I would avoid this these years. Avoid the years with the 2.

2012 gmc terrain oil consumption

Premature transmission failure is also a concern on those. Now, like any vehicule you want to purchase,an inspection is in order. The and are much worse than average.

GMC terrain 2.4 intake removal fuel pump removal and PCV cleaning how/ also possible oil leak reason

That generation of the Terrain first came out in Seems to me like the vehicle does not age well, as far as reliability. If that is the case, in years to come CR data will show the as much worse than average. That said, if you like the vehicle, keep in mind that average reliability is better than it used to be. And depending on where the lines in the data plot are drawn, about one half of all models are somewhere below average in reliability.

2012 gmc terrain oil consumption

They can still be vehicles most owners like. These problems are not predictable and do not start at the same time for all vehicles. Relaxstop worrying and drive on. If you really do lose sleep over this then replace the thing with a new one with warranty. I first noticed oil consumption between the 20k and 25k mile 32k and 40k km oil changes on my Equinox. Make a habit of checking the oil level between changes though.

The pistons, rings, and a timing chain were replaced on my Equinox at 42k miles under warranty. It has 75k miles k km with no oil consumption and no transmission issues. I change the oil every 5k miles 8k km with full synthetic oil. Here is my experience with my Equinox. Jim45, I first noticed oil consumption between the 20k and 25k mile 32k and 40k km oil changes on my Equinox.These cars consume too much oil and even Consumer Reports has chimed in on the oil consumption issue.

All the metal moving components within a modern vehicle engine require a lubricant agent, like oil. If there is no oil in the engine, then engine performance will start to suffer, causing a range of symptoms like stalling, engine rattle, a high engine idle and a puttering feeling while driving.

Which is more commonly known as a blown engine. And that can cost thousands of dollars to repair. General Motors has issued several Technical Service Bulletins you can read all about those here alerting dealerships that there have been complaints regarding oil consumption and how to they think they can repair the issue.

Rather than fix the problem causing the oil consumption, GM suggests just putting more oil in your car. If this happens fuel can leak into the engine oil crankcase and result in the engine running rough and illumination of the malfunction indicator lamp. Then, in TSB GGM advised that if consumers complained to a dealership regarding high oil consumption in their Equinox, the dealership is to run an oil consumption test.

2012 gmc terrain oil consumption

If the oil consumption test shows that the vehicle is consuming too much oil, then major engine work is required as a fix. General Motors has issued a warranty extension relating to oil consumption.

If you own a oryou can have the repairs done just the same, but the vehicle must have been purchased within the past 7 years and 6 months. Valero Law, APC is a California consumer protection firm dedicated to protecting the lemon law rights of California consumers and ALL cases are taken on a contingency basis, meaning if there is no recovery, there is absolutely no fee to you! Feel free to call at for a free case evaluation! Is there any good news at least?

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